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Roger Angell
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October 07, 1985 | Jeremiah Tax
An unlikely combination of vocations keeps Joe Wilder, M.D. a very busy man. He's an athlete, a painter and the chief of surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Now, he's also an author, having put together...

September 10, 1984 | Jeremiah Tax
Another way of putting the old saw about words and pictures is that one great photograph may require a thousand words to describe its qualities adequately. By that standard, Baseball, photographs by Walter Iooss Jr....

May 17, 1982 | Art Hill
Rather than try to match superlatives with other reviewers of Roger Angell's new baseball book, let's just say Angell is back, and the stuff is as good as ever. That should be news enough for most fans, because...

September 22, 1980 | Jonathan Yardley
The pleasures of baseball in Baltimore are, to my blissfully biased mind, infinite. I like the Orioles themselves, a group of interesting young men who play in an interesting way, but I also like the sillier joys of...

May 16, 1977 | Robert W. Creamer
One of the more pleasant things to happen in baseball in the last decade was the emergence of Roger Angell as an occasional but concerned chronicler of the game. He came to the duty late, well into middle age, when...

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