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Redskins over Bills (12/12)
In 1992 the Washington Redskins outplayed the Bills on their way to a Super Bowl win
Giants top Bills (12/12)
The Bills fell to the Giants and QB Jeff Hostetler in Super Bowl XXV
NBA Showmen (12/12)
NBA high flyers take dunking to the next level
Michael Jordan's playground (12/12)
See Michael Jordan's rise to greatness
Bernard King (12/12)
Bernard King was one of the best players ever to play for the New York Knicks
History of the Bears (12/12)
The Chicago Bears are one of the NFL's most storied teams. See some of their legendary players in action
Chicago's Fun Football (12/12)
The Chicago Bears won while having fun in the 1980s
Big Ben leads the Steelers (12/12)
Ben Roethlisberger wasn't playing like a rookie as he led the Steelers into the playoffs
Hall of Famers (12/12)
See some of the NFL's best players ever in action
Bradshaw and Ditka (12/12)
Terry Bradshaw and Mike Ditka speak at their Hall of Fame inductions
Super Bowl XXIII (12/12)
The 49ers, led by Joe Montana, proved too much for the Bengals
Cowboys and Steelers (12/12)
Two of the NFL's best teams face off in a big game
Packers over Patriots (12/12)
Brett Favre gets a Super Bowl ring
Gretzky traded (12/12)
Wayne Gretzky talks about being traded to L.A.
Gretzky's Secrets (12/12)
The Great One talks about some of his best tricks
Gibbs vs. Shula (12/12)
The Redskins, led by Joe Gibbs, met Don Shula's Dolphins in the Super Bowl
Super Bowl XVIII (12/12)
The Raiders and Redskins met in Super Bowl XVIII
Gretzky in action (12/12)
Check out The Great One doing what he does best
Battle down low (12/12)
Willis Reed and Wilt Chamberlain squared off in the paint during the NBA Finals
Globetrotters in action (12/12)
Some of the Harlem Globetrotters' coolest tricks for your viewing pleasure
Lakers vs. 76ers (12/12)
Check out one of the NBA's most storied rivalries during the Magic and Kareem era
Record-breaking goal (11/28)
See Wayne Gretzky score goal No. 802
Gretzky gag reel (11/28)
Check out some of Wayne Gretzky's lighter camera moments
Gretzky's last dance (11/28)
Watch highlights from Wayne Gretzky's final NHL game
Great moments with Gretzky (11/28)
The Great One recalls some of his favorite on-ice moments
Young and talented (11/28)
Wayne Gretzky and his father talk about some of The Great One's earliest hockey milestones
Last second win (11/28)
The Patriots beat the Rams in the final seconds of Super Bowl XXXVI
Another ring for Brady (11/28)
Patriots QB Tom Brady talks about his team's win over the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX
Patriots over Panthers (11/28)
Watch highlights of New England's win in Super Bowl XXXVIII
Patriots Super Bowl Champs (11/28)
Watch the Patriots celebrate their win in Super Bowl XXXIX
49ers thrash Chargers (11/28)
Steve Young leads the 49ers to a big win over the Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX
Super Bowl XXXIX (11/28)
Watch the Patriots score their first touchdown against the Eagles
Man with the hands (11/28)
Patriots receiver Deion Branch talks about his performance in Super Bowl XXXIX
Deion Branch (11/22)
Check out Patriots receiver Deion Branch doing what he does best in Super Bowl XXXIX
Giants top Bills in Super Bowl (11/22)
In Super Bowl XXV the Giants prevailed over the Bills 20-19
Super Bowl XXX (11/22)
The Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-17 in Super Bowl XXX
Cowboys too much for Bills (11/22)
Though Jim Kelly did all he could, his Bills couldn't get a Super Bowl win against the Cowboys
The Great One gets rich (11/28)
Wayne Gretzky talks about his first NHL contract
Practice makes perfect (11/28)
Check out NHL teams getting prepared for big games
Stanley Cup dreams (11/28)
Winning the Stanley Cup is the dream of all NHL players, but most of them never get their wish
Tampa Bay gets the Cup (11/28)
Martin St. Louis talks about his team's Stanley Cup win
Patriots get in the endzone (11/28)
See the Patriots score their first touchdown in Super Bowl XXXIX
Super Bowl Media Day (11/28)
The Super Bowl's Media Day has become as big a part of the week as the game itself
Patriots vs. Colts (11/28)
Check out highlights from one of the NFL's best rivalries
Gretzky recalls his greatness (11/28)
The Great One talks about his career and more
Giants of the '60s (11/22)
Check out footage from legendary New York Giants teams of the 1960s
Harry Carson (11/22)
See Giants linebacker Harry Carson in action
Taking it too far (11/22)
Fans celebrating a Baltimore Colts championship get a little carried away
Down to the wire (11/22)
Watch the Giants pull out a close victory over the Jets
Giants vs. Colts (11/22)
See classic footage of Johnny Unitas and the Colts taking on the New York Giants
Madden gets a win (11/22)
The Raiders, led by John Madden, defeat the Colts in a big game
Madden's playbook (11/22)
John Madden analyzes a play his Raiders ran often during his tenure
America's team (11/22)
See why the Dallas Cowboys became known as "America's team"
Dorsett goes all the way (11/22)
Tony Dorsett makes one of the longest touchdown runs in NFL history in 1983
Roger Staubach (11/22)
The Cowboys were dominant in the 1970s behind the arm of QB Roger Staubach
The man in the funny hat (11/22)
Tom Landry was a legend on the Dallas sidelines
Favre gets a ring (11/22)
Brett Favre leads the Packers to a win over the Patriots in the Super Bowl
NFL's oldest rivalry (11/22)
The Packers and Bears have waged classic battles over the years, forming one of the NFL's greatest matchups
Green Bay champs (11/22)
Bart Starr led the Packers to a 34-27 win over the Cowboys in the 1966 NFL Championship Game
Pro Bowls of the 1960s (11/22)
Watch Jim Brown and the rest of the NFL Pro Bowlers of the 1960s
Veterans Stadium (11/22)
See why Eagles fans could never replace The Vet in their hearts
Eagles fans (11/22)
Philadelphia boasts some of the NFL's most passionate football fans. Check out why.
"Joe must go!" (11/22)
Eagles coach Joe Kuharich wore out his welcome in Philadelphia in 1968 and inspired the popular fan cry: "Joe must go!"
Classic Eagles (11/22)
Watch the Philadelphia Eagles in some of their earliest and most famous games
One of a kind (11/22)
Watch Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia be reduced to rubble and hear some of the memories created inside its walls
Bednarik's legacy (11/22)
Learn the legend of the Eagles' Chuck Bednarik
Super Bowl XXIV (11/08)
The 49ers shut down John Elway's passing game in their 55-10 rout of the Broncos
Best hands around (11/08)
Check out legendary Eagles receiver Tommy McDonald in action
Super Bowl XXI (11/08)
Watch highlights of the Giants' 39-20 win over the Broncos
Super Bowl XXII (11/08)
The Redskins kept constant pressure on Denver QB John Elway on their way to a Super Bowl win
Backcourt sensation (11/08)
Check out Steve Francis crossing up defenses and getting to the basket
Jason Kidd's best assists (11/03)
Check out some of Jason Kidd's best passes
Little men, big air (11/03)
Check out some of the NBA's smallest players dunking the ball even better than the big men in the league
Work hard, play hard (10/20)
The Detroit Pistons play a blue collar style of basketball that they feel reflects the city they play in
Mental Edge (10/20)
The Lakers entered the 2004 NBA Finals with a mental edge over the Pistons due to their three rings and two superstars
Lakers and Yankees share hatred (10/20)
Do the Lakers share common traits with the Yankees? There's no denying both teams have plenty of enemies
The Pistons of old (10/20)
Joe Dumars and Larry Brown explain how the 2004 Pistons are playing like the tough Pistons teams of the past
Battle on the sidelines (10/20)
The 2004 NBA Finals pitted Hall of Fame coaches Larry Brown and Phil Jackson against each other
Depth plays role in Finals (10/20)
Bench contributions from both the Lakers and Pistons were a major factor in the 2004 NBA Finals
Wallace leads by example (10/20)
Pistons center Ben Wallace exudes leadership on and off the court through his work ethic and ability to relate to younger players
The road not taken (10/17)
Tim Duncan grew up with dreams of becoming a superstar in a sport other than basketball. Check out a glimpse of the Spurs center's childhood
Duncan wins 2003 NBA MVP (10/11)
Malik Rose talks about the thrill of playing alongside NBA MVP Tim Duncan
Champions in 2003 (10/11)
Spurs players talk about their dramatic NBA Finals win in 2003
Spurs over Lakers (10/11)
Watch the Spurs end the Lakers title run by defeating them in the Western Conference Finals
Forces in the middle (10/11)
See how big men Tim Duncan and David Robinson made the Spurs one of the best teams in the NBA
Double trouble (10/11)
The Spurs thrived with two superstar big men after they took Tim Duncan in the 1997 NBA Draft to compliment David Robinson
Robinson gives back (10/11)
David Robinson discusses the motivators in his basketball career and how he has given back to the community in return
A Hall of Fame center (10/11)
The Spurs' David Robinson looks back at his career and recalls some of his favorite rivals in the paint
Three in a row (10/11)
In 2002 the Lakers stood to make history by winning three straight NBA titles
Lakers vs. 76ers (10/10)
Check out the 2001 NBA Finals that matched the Lakers against the 76ers
Lakers repeat (10/10)
Take a peek at the Lakers making it back-to-back NBA titles in 2001
Pacers vs. Lakers (10/10)
Check out a clip from the 2000 NBA Finals between Indiana and L.A.
Lakers in 2000 (10/10)
Shaquille O' Neal talks about the Lakers' drive to win an NBA title in 2000
Lakers top Pacers in 2000 (10/07)
See a clip from the Lakers win over the Pacers in the 2000 NBA Finals
1988 NBA Finals (10/07)
The Lakers and Pistons, led by Magic and Isiah respectively, face off in the 1988 NBA Finals
Back to back in L.A. (10/07)
Lakers coach Pat Riley pumped up both fans and players about making a run at repeat NBA titles in 1987-88
Magic in action (10/07)
See Magic Johnson making the passes that earned him his legendary nickname
New look in L.A. (10/07)
Take a look at the 1987 Lakers, led by coach Pat Riley and sparked by second-year player A.C. Green
Behind the rivalry (10/07)
Check out some off court footage of the Lakers and Celtics during their 1985 NBA Finals meeting
Lakers knock off Nuggets (10/07)
The 1985 NBA Playoffs saw the Lakers, led by Magic Johnson, eliminate the Denver Nuggets on their way to a Finals showdown with the Celtics
Lakers win 1982 NBA title (10/07)
The 1982 NBA Finals was a classic between the Lakers and 76ers. Kareem Adbul-Jabbar and the Lakers prevailed in six games
Rivals meet again (10/07)
In 1982 the Lakers and 76ers met in the NBA Finals for the second time in three years. See legendary players Magic Johnson and Julius Erving square off.
Lakers win the West (10/07)
See an NBA flashback of the 1980 Western Conference Finals when the Lakers defeated the Sonics in five games
Pittsburgh Steelers (10/07)
The Steelers play with pride and passion. Check out some of their leaders on and off the field
What a ride (10/07)
See a wave so huge it's hard to believe someone is riding it on a surfboard
The bigger the better (10/07)
Check out surfers riding some of the biggest waves you'll ever see, plus the occasional wipeout
Love the water (10/07)
See some spectacular close up footage of surfing at its finest
Don't wipe out (10/06)
How big is the ideal wave for surfing? The waves these surfers are riding look pretty close to perfection
Riding high (10/06)
See what it's like to ride waves so tall you wouldn't want to know what a wipeout feels like
Surfs up (10/06)
Check out surfers riding enormous waves
History of the 76ers (10/06)
Legendary player Darryl Dawkins narrates a look back at his Philadelphia 76ers from the early days of Wilt Chamberlain up through today's team led by Allen Iverson
76ers dynasty (10/06)
Wilt Chamberlain recalls the best team he ever played for and explains how sixth man Billy Cunningham made them so tough to beat
Bradshaw into Canton (10/06)
Terry Bradshaw shares the honor of being elected into the NFL Hall of Fame with his peers
Hall of Fame for Ditka (10/06)
See a clip of Mike Ditka's induction speech into the NFL Hall of Fame
Howie goes into the Hall (10/06)
Watch Howie Long's speech during his induction into the NFL Hall of Fame
The biggest of Bears (10/06)
William "The Refrigerator" Perry was a threat in Chicago on defense and offense
A Bears legend (10/05)
Check out legendary Bears player Harlon Hill in his prime
Taking a beating (10/05)
Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw took his share of hits and played through plenty of pain during his reign in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh's battering ram (10/05)
Listen to Jerome Bettis on the sidelines and watch him plow through defenses
Pittsburgh running back still going (10/05)
Watch legendary Steelers running back Dick Hoak in action
Legacy of the Trojans (10/05)
See some classic moments in the history of USC football
Impact of the Harlem Globetrotters (10/05)
See how the Harlem Globetrotters were formed and how they impacted the world far more than anyone could have imagined
Boston: City of Champions (10/05)
Check out some of the most memorable moments from the Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox and Celtics
Hall of Famers (10/05)
See Hall of Fame players and hear famous announcer calls of the NFL's best
The new Steelers (10/05)
See how Chuck Noll transformed the 1972 Steelers from a losing team into a dominant force in the NFL
Eagles win NFC Championship (10/05)
Check out a recap of the Eagles win over the Falcons in the NFC title game
Great NBA Finals Moments (10/03)
Watch some of the most memorable plays in NBA Finals history
Come fly with Jordan (10/03)
Watch Michael Jordan at his best
NBA Follies (10/03)
Check out some classic funny moments from the NBA
49ers win Super Bowl XXIII (10/03)
Joe Montana leads the 49ers to a dramatic Super Bowl win over the Bengals
NFL's greatest hits (10/03)
Watch some hard-hitting action from the early days of the NFL when penalties did not protect the league's players like today
Evolution of the dunk (10/03)
Check out how the slam dunk evolved in the NBA and watch some of the earliest players to take flight
Catch a wave (10/03)
Check out surfers riding huge waves and listen to them discuss their ultimate fear of wiping out
Montana joins Hall of Fame (10/03)
Joe Montana speaks during his induction into the NFL's Hall of Fame
Where's the endzone? (10/03)
Sterling Sharpe almost costs his team a touchdown due to a snow-covered field
Odd man out (09/27)
Broncos coach Mike Shanahan leaves out an important player when handing out game balls