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Sports Illustrated Special Report:
Steroids in Baseball

  SI cover: Steroids in baseball Illustration by James Porto
Of all the regrets in Ken Caminiti's life, using steroids to get ahead isn't one of them. In an exclusive report, SI's Tom Verducci explains how the lure of fame and fortune seduced the 1996 NL MVP to use the muscle mass-building drug. "It's no secret what's going on in baseball. At least half the guys are using [steroids]," says Caminiti. "They talk about it. They joke about it with each other. ... I don't want to hurt fellow teammates or fellow friends. But I've got nothing to hide." |'s full report

Caminiti's Confession | Reactions | Commentary | Health Risks
Caminiti's Confession
* Totally juiced
Ken Caminiti played hard and hurt, but he also played under the influence of drugs and used steroids during the final six years of his career, including his MVP season.

* Caminiti used steroids in 1996, but he's still proud of his MVP award.
* According to Caminiti, amphetamines are as common as vitamins.
* Caminiti explains why he spoke out about steroid use in baseball.
* Caminiti thinks Mark McGwire didn't deserve criticism for using Andro.
* Congressional concern
A Senate hearing examines the use of steroids in baseball.
* Winning is everything
Major League players express a variety of views on the use of steroids.
* Monitoring the situation
Rob Manfred, baseball's executive vice president for labor relations, addresses the issue of steroid use.
* Differing opinions
Several Mets and Phillies question Caminitiís allegation, and fans at Shea Stadium express their feelings.
* Strange new world
Ken Caminiti now devotes his time to bikes and cars, but his mind sometimes drifts to baseball and regrets.
* Major League mess?
Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci explains why players aren't screened for steroids.
* Something to chew on
Sports radio personality Steak Shapiro explains why steroids don't belong in baseball.
* Confession is good for the soul
Mel Antonen, veteran baseball writer for USA Today, speculates about why Ken Caminiti spoke out about steroids.
* 'Roids all the rage
Sports talk show host Mike Bell and agent Drew Rosenhaus discuss how steroids has impacted baseball.
* In denial
Radio talk show host Steve Malzberg insists baseball must face the music.
Health Risks
* Consequences of steroid use
CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta outlines the short- and long-term health effects.
* Not a smart play
Dr. Gupta and Dr. Laura Hatch of Emory University break down the difference between the oral and injectible forms of steroids.
Caminiti's Confession | Reactions | Commentary | Health Risks

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